How To Clean The Water And Ice Dispenser On Your Refrigerator

The exterior water and ice dispenser on your refrigerator is a great convenience to have. You can get cubes of ice in your glass, or icy cold water at the press of a button - on demand any time you want. The downside to this convenience is the buildup of calcium from hard water that can accumulate around the water tube, or the mold/mildew that can build up in the ice dispenser. Read More 

Top Features To Look For In A Washing Machine That Will Give You A Long Life Of Service

In the average home setting, a washing machine will last you roughly 14 years according to SFGate. However, if you are like most consumers, you will find yourself replacing your washing machine much sooner than that, which can be costly and frustrating. If you are tired of investing in a new washing machine way too often, it may be time to consider investing some money in a top-of-the-line washing machine model that is specifically designed to give users a longer life of service. Read More