Top Features To Look For In A Washing Machine That Will Give You A Long Life Of Service

In the average home setting, a washing machine will last you roughly 14 years according to SFGate. However, if you are like most consumers, you will find yourself replacing your washing machine much sooner than that, which can be costly and frustrating. If you are tired of investing in a new washing machine way too often, it may be time to consider investing some money in a top-of-the-line washing machine model that is specifically designed to give users a longer life of service. These are no ordinary machines and are available bearing different brand names. Yet, there are features of these machines that prove they are designed to give you a longer lifespan.

High-Quality and Replaceable Parts

The problem with the average washing machine for residential use is the parts are not easy to replace or cannot be replaced at all. This means that if one component goes bad on your washing machine, you will have to replace the whole unit in some cases. Washing machines that are designed to last for more years of service will always have the highest quality parts that are easily replaced as needed. This allows you to simply have a technician replace any parts that are broken instead of having to get a new machine. 

More Cycle Capabilities 

When you buy a new washing machine, there is one number you should pay close attention to as a consumer and that is the cycle life number. This number tells you how many cycles the washer has been tested to go through before it starts having problems. The cycle life should be clearly displayed on a sticker on a new unit or in the owner's manual. If you cannot find the cycle life, make sure you ask the appliance sales representative for it. the higher the number, the more years of service you can expect from any given machine. 

Commercial-Grade Design 

Washing machine brands that have roots in commercial appliance development are often times your go-to companies for machines that will give you longer life spans. Because these manufacturers are already familiar with what it takes to build a commercial-quality machine, many of them implement some of the same features in their average models designed for home use. For example, SpeedQueen is one company that offers both commercial washing machines for places like laundry services and hotels, but they also offer residential machines that boast many of the same components and features. 

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