Repair And Clean A Used Freezer Chest

If you purchased a used freezer chest from a yard sale and the appliance has a torn rubber seal and loose handle, the following project will instruct you how to repair the appliance. Afterward, clean the chest's exterior and interior before storing food inside of the freezer compartment. 


  • pieces of wood
  • utility knife
  • tape measure
  • cordless drill
  • bleach
  • detergent
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • microfiber cloths
  • hardware
  • step ladder

Remove The Rubber Seal And Clean The Base Of The Door

Lift the freezer chest's door. If the door is not designed to stay open on its own while it is lifted, use pieces of wood to prop the door open. Use a utility knife to cut through the torn portion of the seal. Unwind the seal from around the base of the door. Use a tape measure to obtain measurements of the seal's width and length so that can purchase a rubber piece that will be the proper size.

If the panel that is secured to the bottom of the door can be loosened, use a cordless drill to remove hardware that is inserted in its corners. Pull the panel downward, away from the chest door's exterior. Fill a spray bottle with a small amount of chlorine bleach and detergent. Add warm water to the bottle until the bottle is full. Spray a microfiber cloth with the cleaning solution. Move the cloth around the portion of the door where the rubber seal was previously located. Dry the clean area with another cloth.

Install A Rubber Seal

Secure a new rubber seal around the base of the door. Inspect the seal after it has been installed to ensure that it is not twisted in any areas. Insert the hardware pieces in the corners of the panel that is attached to the base of the freezer chests drawer. Tighten the hardware pieces. 

Tighten The Chest's Handle And Clean The Appliance's Exterior And Interior

Close the door to the freezer chest. Inspect the door's handle. If the handle is loose because hardware pieces are missing or if the original hardware pieces are damaged purchase replacement pieces and use a cordless drill to install them. Use the cleaning solution that you previously prepared to clean the outside of the freezer chest.

After applying the cleaning solution, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the cleaning agent across the appliance's exterior. Dry the chest's exterior before opening the appliance's door. While standing on a step ladder, clean the inside of the appliance with the cleaning solution. Dry the interior of the appliance before filling the freezer compartment with food items that you would like to freeze. For more information, contact companies like Kitchen Parts Plus.