Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Late In The Summer?

Summer is drawing to a close. If your air conditioner is no longer working at its best, you might be wondering: Is it worth replacing the unit now, or should you just wait until next year? As with many questions, the answer really is, "It depends." Here are a few benefits of replacing the AC right now and a few benefits of waiting.

Benefits of Replacing the AC Right Now

Here are a few reasons why you may want to replace the struggling AC unit now rather than later.

It could fail at any time.

Your AC unit may still be chugging along right now, but if something is broken, it could completely fail at any time. Even though summer is almost over, there could still be some sweltering days ahead—and if your AC fails, you'll just have to sweat them out. Replace your AC unit now, and you'll be guaranteed to stay cooler.

HVAC companies are less busy now.

The end of summer tends to be a slow season for HVAC business. Most people have already replaced their aging AC units, and it's not quite furnace installation season yet. You will have an easier time scheduling a convenient replacement time now than in the spring.

You may get a discount.

Many air conditioner companies debut new models each year or every few years. If you replace your unit now, you might be able to get a discount on the old AC unit models since they're trying to clear them out in preparation for the new ones they'll sell next year.

Benefits of Waiting

There are also some reasons you may want to wait and replace your AC unit in the spring.

You have time to save.

If you do not have the cash on hand for a new air conditioner, waiting until spring will give you time to save so you do not have to finance the purchase. You can also spend this time researching the best deals, which may help you save.

You may get a newer model.

If you prefer to get the latest and greatest whenever you buy something, you may want to wait until spring so you can get a brand new model of air conditioner as soon as it hits the market. New air conditioner models are often a little more energy-efficient than old models, though not significantly so in recent years. 

So, should you replace the air conditioner now or wait? Your HVAC contractor can give you additional advice and guidance.