Find A Great Deal On A Commercial Refrigerator By Asking Your Salesperson To Paint Its Skin

When shopping for a commercial refrigerator, one of the most important features that you should consider is also one of the most basic features. The skin of a refrigerator is its outermost surface of its walls. Because the skin is the exposed part of the refrigerator, it must withstand a lot of wear and tear. By asking your salesperson to add a painted skin at no additional charge, you may be able to negotiate your way to a better commercial refrigerator.

The Types of Refrigerator Skins

Commercial refrigerator skins are usually made of metal, and there are four different types of metals used:

  • stainless steel
  • galvalume
  • aluminum
  • G90 galvanized steel

Each metal has unique advantages and disadvantages. The three primary considerations are the skin's ability to resist scratches and dents, its susceptibility to corrosion, and price.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Of all the metals, stainless steel is both the least corrosive and strongest. It's unlikely to rust or show scratches, making this a great option for settings where the commercial refrigerator will be visible to customers. Stainless steel, however, is also the most expensive option.

Galvalume, which isn't as well known as the other metals on the list, is a hybrid of galvanized steel and aluminum. This alloy is just as strong as stainless steel, but it will rust eventually. Galvalume is the second-most expensive option.

Aluminum isn't likely to corrode, although aluminum oxide can form. Aluminum's main disadvantage is that it dents easily, so you'll probably see marks if the refrigerator is regularly being banged into. The prices of all commercial refrigerators may vary with the current price of metal, but, as Wenzel Metal Spinning notes, aluminum usually costs more than steel on the commodities markets.

G90 galvanized steel is the least expensive of these metals, and it's a strong metal. While it will resist corrosion for a little bit, G90 galvanized steel is the most likely of these four metals to rust.

Paint Helps G90 Galvanized Steel Resist Corrosion

Because it's the least expensive of these four metals, you'll often find that the cheapest commercial refrigerators for sale have skins made from G90 galvanized steel. If you're looking for a bargain, this is the metal to go with.

In order to ensure that your commercial refrigerator lasts a long time, though, you'll need to protect it from rust. Painting G90 galvanized steel will prevent corrosion, and it lets you customize the refrigerator to your restaurant's theme. In theory, you could paint a refrigerator yourself. Your salesperson, however, should be able to find one for you that has a painted G90 galvanized steel skin.

Negotiate for Painted G90 Galvanized Steel

As you haggle over the commercial refrigerator you'd like, you'll eventually reach a point where your salesperson can't lower the price anymore. Once they've exhausted all manufacturers coupons, advertised markdowns that their own company offers, and any other special discounts they can get you, they won't be able to reduce the cost of the refrigerator further.

At this point, however, your salesperson may be able to throw in additional perks. For example, they might offer to give you extra racks or a discounted service plan. When discussing upgrades, ask them to paint the G90 galvanized steel skin for free. They may decline to. If you're a good negotiator, though, you could score a commercial refrigerator with a strong skin that will resist corrosion for years -- all at the lowest possible price.

As you compare the commercial refrigerators that are for sale, it's easy to get caught up in efficiencies and sizes. Don't forget to look at the skin, too. Look for a model that has a G90 galvanized steel skin and request that the salesperson has it painted. Hopefully, they'll oblige.